VolunteeringSA’s most FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):
Do I have to be 18 Yrs old? 

Most of our volunteers will be over 18 but if you are 17 we would welcome you with  written consent from a parent/guardian.

Do I have to get a visa?

NO – you can enter South Africa on a 90 day holiday visa which will give you plenty of time to volunteer here in Plett and then go on to explore more of this beautiful country.

Can I organise to share accommodation with my friend/friends?

Yes. We will always make sure that you are with your friends.

Can I have my own room?

For a supplement we will be able to organise this.

Will I have access to the internet?

Yes – all the accommodation will have free wifi.

What is the weather like in Plett?

Plett has a gentle climate with warm to hot summers and mild winters with intermittent rain.

Do I need vaccinations?

No . Plett is also a malaria free area.

If I want to stay on volunteering for longer, will that be possible?

Absolutely. We would love you to stay on and will help you with changing your travel plans.

Can I earn money in South Africa?

No – like many other countries South Africa does not allow paid employment to foreign nationals unless you have appropriate permits.